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Vaccination Amnesty

7th November 2019 | In House Training

Has your dog/cat booster vaccination lapsed? During all of NOVEMBER we are offering all our registered dog and cat owners the chance to catch up on their pet vaccinations for JUST THE PRICE OF AN ANNUAL…

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17th May 2019 | Events

Some of our staff enjoying a relaxing night out bowling

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28th March 2019 | In House Training

Have you Visited Us ?? Then why not leave us a review and let us know how we are doing

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7th December 2018 | In House Training

We have recently welcomed Lorna and Stacey back after their maternity leave. They have both settled back into their roles. Also we would like to welcome Heather our latest vet to join the team Please see…

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Ian McConnell

26th July 2018 | In House Training

Ian has recently been awarded a general Practitioner Certificate in Endosurgery. Ian routinely performs keyhole bitch spays along with a whole host of other minimally invasive procedures. Please do not hesitate to  contact the practice should…

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Dementia Awareness

28th June 2018 | The Practice, Information

Several of our team at the practice have benefitted  by attending some in-house training about living with dementia.  We hope that, just as with any other disabilities, we are both aware and tolerant of dementia and…

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Keyhole or Minimally Invasive Surgery Here

22nd February 2018 | Veterinary Surgeons

Here at Ian McConnell’s we have invested in state-of-the art keyhole surgery equipment that would not look out of place in some of the top human hospitals.  This equipment allows us to perform minimally invasive, otherwise…

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20th October 2017 | News, Events

*Please note that we do offer home visits, but have absolutely NO CONNECTION with a local business offering veterinary home visits* If you feel that your pet needs a home visit, please do call the practice…

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Out of Hours information

3rd January 2017 | Information

Many years ago, the practice used to provide its own emergency cover.  This meant that the vet who had been on duty for a full day shift had to be on-call all night and then be ready…

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Open Day Huge Success

22nd November 2016 | Events

Thanks to all the staff that contributed to our fantastic Open Day that was held on Sunday 20th November. Very well supported with over 200 clients and members of the public attending. We were able to…

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