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2nd May 2014 | In House Training

It’s only when you see a collective image like this that you realise the many roles undertaking every day by veterinary nurses or student nurses.  It would be very difficult (if not impossible) for a practice to be viable without their varied skills and qualities.  Every week, we receive letters and emails asking, some begging, to be given a work placement which is a requirement of vet nurse training courses.  Some applicants it must be said believe that veterinary nursing is all about cuddling animals and, whilst compassion is an obvious pre-requisite, there is LOT more than meets the eye.  If you want to speak to some of our nurse team about joining the profession, some will be on hand at our special charity event to celebrate VN Awareness Month in May, on Sunday 18th May between noon and 3pm at our Uppermill practice on Tame Street (just behind the old Spar shop).  Thanks Gemma for the display that really does make everyone aware of RVN’s in practice.

Adieu Lorna!
One of our vet team here at the practice, Lorna Cook, will be finishing today for a spell of maternity leave.  It goes without saying that she will be missed by clients and the team alike. Lorna has done incredibly well as the weeks have gone by (it’s not easy working in a building with steep stairs and narrow corridors when you’re a mum-to-be!) but she really can’t hold on for much longer!  We all wish Lorna and husband Rob good luck once again and feel sure that she will be back with us soon.  In the meantime, covering Lorna’s duties will be Michael Johnson MRCVS who will be with us from 12th May.  Michael is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and has been a qualified veterinary surgeon since 2008.

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