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Hi-tech training

25th April 2014 | In House Training

Up to quite recently, whenever vets, nurses or receptionists have needed continual professional development training, they have had to travel to hotels or such venues.  Increasingly, a lot of CPD is being offered via more hi-tech means and therefore is a much better use of time.  Some clinical training can only be offered on a face-to-face practical level and that is unlikely to change for a long time but this week the practice joined in with a couple of live webinars, one on the advances about tick and flea prevention (and we have already started to share that information with clients with the new Bravecto chew – see the blog entry below) and by way of introducing a new product for clients with diabetic pets, our nurse team hand both a hands-on demonstration coupled with live interaction from an expert about the Vet Pen.  The Vet Pen is an injection device making delivering an accurate dose of insulin very straightforward, safe and easy for clients who may struggle with traditional diabetic injections.  If anyone would like more information on this our nurses can provide it and there is also a very useful website http://www.caninsulin.co.uk/ for owners which also explains more.  We are fortunate to have good audio/video facilities in our training room at the practice (which will be even better when we move to the library building!) and it was great to see technology used to such good effect as the MSD Animal Health trainer in the South of the country did a 3-way link with our Mossley practice and simulcast at the Uppermill branch.



I captured the audio clip below on my phone as I was driving to work this morning.  New figures indicate that Greater Manchester is the seventh worst area for dog bite attacks.  What can we do to improve this tragic and worrying statistic?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Just click the comment box.


(Extract from BBC Radio Manchester Allan Beswick programme 25.4.14 Copyright BBC 2014)


Work has now started on the major refurbishment of Mossley Library which we will be moving into later this year.  It certainly looks a bit different already!

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