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3rd January 2017 | Information

Many years ago, the practice used to provide its own emergency cover.  This meant that the vet who had been on duty for a full day shift had to be on-call all night and then be ready for duty the following day irrespective of how many hours sleep they had.  Over the last decade, the provision of veterinary emergency care has altered dramatically, in that most practices now contract their emergency cover to dedicated centres that provide a much superior level of care to that traditionally provided.  The reasons for this are dedicated night staff that are fresh for work (that haven’t been working all day!), available immediately (not having to be woken from bed, get dressed and travel in to the practice!), and are likely to be more experienced in emergency situations and treatment options (as this is what they are dealing with nightly!).  This is a much more professional way of dealing with your pet and this mirrors what happens in medical practice; after all when did you ever see your GP at A+E at 3 AM!  Unfortunately, staffing and maintaining these fantastic facilities is extremely expensive and so this has to be reflected in the charges made.

From 1st May 2017 our provider will be PET999 based here within our premises. See news item for more information.

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