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Keyhole or Minimally Invasive Surgery Here

22nd February 2018 | Veterinary Surgeons

Here at Ian McConnell’s we have invested in state-of-the art keyhole surgery equipment that would not look out of place in some of the top human hospitals.  This equipment allows us to perform minimally invasive, otherwise known as keyhole surgery, for many procedures.  The most popular procedure performed at the practice is for neutering or spaying of bitches.  It is much less painful and the patients have a much quicker recovery (5 days) than the open procedure.  There are usually only two small holes made and no stitches in comparison to a large single incision.  We have been successfully performing these procedures for the last 15 months and approximately 80% of our clients would rather opt for this procedure than the conventional way.  We have had clients travel from various parts of the UK as well as locally to have this procedure performed, and are happy to accept patients from other practices.  It is suitable for the majority of females but not all, so if you would like further information on the procedure please call the practice on 01457-837900.

There are many other applications that we use the equipment for including retained testicles, nasal investigations, ear examinations, exploratory procedures and bladder and urinary issues.  We are able to take a good look inside these structures and record the information but at the same time causing minimal discomfort to our patients.

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