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22nd April 2015 | In House Training

Here’s a chance to catch up on what’s been happening in the practice recently from our Facebook page www.facebook.com/imcvets – don’t forget to like us! Two of our student nurses are….well no longer students! Aimee Lee…

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How time flies…

27th February 2015 | In House Training

Incredible though it seems it’s been four months now since we move into our new home in the former Mossley Library.  We’ve had a tremendous response from clients and visitors (including a group of Spanish vets!)…

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Happy (and clever) puppies

30th January 2015 | In House Training

We have been running successful Puppy Lifeskills Courses for about 4 years (previously at our Uppermill practice but now held in our Mossley Practice Arena) and it’s always brilliant to see a successful group “graduate” over…

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Well….we’re in at last!

3rd November 2014 | In House Training

On Monday 27th October 2014, following a couple of days over the weekend moving equipment from our former Stamford Street surgery, Ian McConnell Veterinary Practice opened it’s doors to clients and pets in the former Mossley…

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Farewell Elaine!

1st August 2014 | In House Training

Today we say au revoir to Elaine Nield who has been one of our receptionists since 2013.  Elaine is well known by many pet-loving people across much of Tameside not just Mossley.  Before coming to Ian…

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Rolling along…

25th July 2014 | In House Training

The decorators have now moved in!  Why is it that it takes me a whole weekend to emulsion a small bedroom in warm terracotta when these guys slap on undercoat in record time?  Anyway, with the…

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Clearer look

17th July 2014 | In House Training

As you can see from the photo above, most of the scaffolding outside the library building is now down and reveals the works that have been done to the old building. With new roof, windows and…

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4th July 2014 | In House Training

Here we are in July and the plasterers are already moving in at the library. It’s amazing once studded walls are plaster-boarded just how much physical space there is. We can get a real feel for…

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Keeping tabs on laundry detergents

25th June 2014 | In House Training

Laundry detergent pods (LDP’s) also known as liquid capsules, liquitabs or liquid sachets have been around since 2001 in Europe. They are designed with a water-soluble wrapping intended to be placed inside a washing machine drum….

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Taking shape and…losing shape!

20th June 2014 | In House Training

Work at the library conversion continues at a pace.  Most of the external redesign is complete and if you walk past Wyre Street, you’ll see a new entrance, new windows, freshly-pointed brickwork and the scaffolding should…

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