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The facilities we offer here at Ian McConnell Veterinary Practice are some of the best in the region for a first opinion practice.  As the practice was completely designed from scratch we were able to install modern, light, practical and comfortable facilities for patients, clients and staff.  The practice has invested substantially in the best facilities and equipment available to make a veterinary practice that is fit for the 21st Century.


Warm and spacious kennel accommodation for in-patients, with separate wards for dogs and cats

We have separate wards for dogs, cats along with an isolation ward for anything more serious or for less sociable patients.  All the wards are kitted out with hand washing facilities for staff, and the kennels are fitted with absorbent pads and vet bedding to ensure maximum comfort for our patients during their stay.



Multiple operating theatres complemented with state of the art equipment

The practice has multiple surgical theatres, along with digital x-ray, digital dental x-ray and ultrasound scanning facilities.  We have integrated piped oxygen and scavenging facilities much like human hospitals.



Endoscopy can avoid the need for some invasive surgeries. With this we have removed grass, balloons, bones and even toy soldiers without the need for a scalpel!

The practice has invested heavily in this area and we now have both flexible and rigid endoscopy facilities.  With flexible endoscopy we can investigate (take pictures and samples) various conditions and remove foreign objects as detailed above!  We are one of very few general practices practices that perform rigid endoscopy.  With this technique we can now undertake ‘keyhole surgery’ such as bitch spays along with many other minimally invasive procedures.



Our brand new colour ultrasound equipment can be used for pregnancy scanning and other diagnostic purposes

Ultrasound is very useful for diagnosing and monitoring many conditions.  It can be particularly useful in that animals often do not need sedating or general anaesthesia for it to be performed.  Its main uses are for heart conditions, abdominal problems (liver, spleen), urinary problems (kidneys, bladder), eyes, and also what most people will associate it with, pregnancy scanning.



Multiple examination rooms for confidential consultations with vets and nurses

We have multiple, well equipped consultation rooms, along with a dedicated ‘cat room’ for you and your pets convenience to enable a thorough private consultation. Most of our rooms are also climate controlled for comfort.



Separate surgical preparation area as recommended by Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Our surgical preparation area is probably one of the busiest areas in the practice.  It is a central hub where all the surgical patients in for the day are prepared for surgery.  Here they are given their premedication, then anaesthesia is induced and finally they are clipped and scrubbed for surgery, before being transferred into the operating theatre.



We’re a Gold accredited Feline Friendly Practice as awarded by the International Society of Feline Medicine. Top treatment for your cat!

We know that visiting the vets can be stressful for you and your cat, so we have tried to minimise the stress by having a separate waiting area for cats in a quiet part of the practice.  In this area we also have feline pheromones circulating, special cat towers so your cat is waiting in an elevated position and we also have blankets available to cover your cat carrier if necessary.  We are members of the above society and are well known for feline friendly treatments.



Pharmacy – everything from worming, flea and tick products that work to a whole range of prescription and over-the-counter medications

As a busy veterinary practice open 7 days a week we have to stock a whole range of medications for the different types of animal we treat.  Unlike on-line pharmacies we hold stock that is needed in case of emergencies and is available straight away.  We are also confident that our stock is stored correctly and is obtained from a reputable source with next day delivery.



Our in-house brand new state-of-the-art laboratory for immediate critical care results

With our in-house laboratory, we are able to run a number of tests with almost immediate results.  This results in quicker diagnoses, rapid monitoring of pets on medication and improved welfare for our patients.  The number of tests we are able to perform is increasing all the time as technology develops.



The online community where vets, pets and owners come together. Lots of useful information available but we always recommend to see one of our vets if you have concerns about your pet.

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