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Veterinary Surgeons



Ian McConnell

BSc (Hons) BVM&S, GPCert(Endo), MRCVS

Ian McConnell has degrees from the University of Leeds and the University of Edinburgh.

Ian was born and brought up in the local area and opened the original Mossley practice in 2000.

His clinical interests are keyhole surgical techniques, animal behaviour and orthopaedic surgery.

He has recently obtained a General Practitioner Certificate in Endosurgery.

He has a bouncy German Shepherd called Zindzi, a stubborn Basset Hound called Humphrey.



Jill Atkin


Jill graduated from Glasgow University in 1994 and has worked at the practice since 2004.

Her clinical interests are in ophthalmology and acupuncture clinics and phyical therepy and rehabilitation.

In her spare time Jill likes to cycling, swimming and walking.

She has a sweet little guinea pig Pippa.




Lorna Cook


Lorna graduated from London’s Royal Veterinary College in 2006 and has worked at the practice since 2008.

Her clinical interests are in orthopaedic surgeries and wound management.

Lorna spends her spare time with her children.

She has a cat named Keith who is the ‘boss’.




Rebekah Hobson

Bsc(Hons)BVetMed MRCVS

I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2009 after studying zoology, then I graduated from  the Royal Veterinary college in 2016. I’m from Essex but fell in love with Manchester whilst at university and always knew that I wanted to move back.  I have a rescue cat called Eddie with a chronic kidney diesease and so have a fondness for my feline patients with the same condition. I have an interest in echocardiography and ultrasonography.


Practice Administration



Natalie Winterbottom

Practice Manager

Natalie works as the Practice Manager and has both nursing and grooming experience.

She started working for the practice in 2001, Natalie is our longest standing team member.

Her interests are in caring for her colleagues and maintaining a positive veterinary environment.

Natalie rides horses and works on the family farm in her spare time.

She has a hard working Border Collie called Gem (and horses, cows and chickens !)



Lynn Russell

Administration and Accounts at Mossley

Lynn has been with the practice since 2009.

She started as a weekend reception and very quickly increased this by an extra two evenings a week.

In January 2016 Lynn moved into the office taking over Administration, where she is enjoying keeping everything around here organised!

Lynn is a keen amateur genealogist who likes nothing more than seeing her family tree grow.

She also likes taking part in Murder Mysteries aboard steam trains and seeing her grandchildren.

She has a feisty cat called Willow.



Stacey Barlow

Assistant Practice Manager

Stacey has worked for the practice since 2007 as a veterinary nurse.

She has recently returned from maternity leave and started her new role as assistant practice manager.  Stacey very much loved her nursing profession but felt a new challenge was needed (if having a baby wasn’t challenging enough) but she is always on hand to help with nursing duties if need be.

She has a puppy called Bronn and a cat called Rhonda which between them keep her busy.

Stacey and her partner enjoy having long walks with the family.


Veterinary Nurses



Frankie Glynn

2nd Year Student Veterinary Nurse

Frankie is currently training at the practice to become a registered nurse, she joined Ian McConnell vets in 2013.

Her clinical interests are weight clinics and overseeing practice stock.

Frankie spends her spare time walking and being with her dog.




Lindsey Phillips

Auxiliary Nurse / Receptionist at Mossley

Lindsey joined the practice in 2014.

Her interests are laboratory work, surgical tools and sterilising kits.

Lindsey spends her spare time attending Pony Club with her children, family holidays and camping.

She has a mischievous Welsh Section A pony called Buster.



Pamela Buckley

Veterinary Nurse

Pam began at Ian McConnell Vets in 2016 but has been a Veterinary Nurse since 1997.

Interests are mostly held in anaesthesia and surgical aspects of nursing care.

Pam’s spare time is spent horse riding and camping with her family.

Pam has two cats from a rescue centre named Weasel and Slinky, and a Horse, Connolly that shares a field with a Pony called Mouse.



Steph Taylor

Auxiliary Nurse

Steph joined the practice in 2016.

She  is currently undertaking the Animal Nursing Assistant Qualification.

Steph’s spare time is spent horse riding, doing dressage and jumping.

She has a bouncy dog called Molly and a Gypsy Cob called Jack.



Rebecca Moore

Auxiliary Nurse

Rebecca has recently joined our practice and is busy learning the ropes.

In her spare time she enjoys caring for her guinea pigs and walking Todd, her little resuce from Romania.



Samantha Heaney

Auxiliary Nurse

Samantha has recently joined the team at the practice. She has a gorgeous cat called Dennis, as well as two crazy dogs called Alana and Sam (yes, I have a dog with the same name as me).  In my spare time I enjoy walking and spending time with my family, seeing my friends or just relaxing at home.



Jamie-Lee Edwards

Veterinary Nurse

I began at Ian McConnell Vets in 2018 and have been a qualified veterinary nurse since 2012.

My clinical interests are surgery, nursing clinics and keeping up to date with the latest techniques.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Going on walks through the Great British countryside, cycling and having trips abroad.




Paige Ratcliffe

Veterinary Nurse

Paige has recently joined our practice. She qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2015.
Her main interests are nursing clinics as she loves to get to know the clients and their pets.
In her spare time she enjoy walking with her two Basset Hounds. She has a 10 year old called Miley and a cheeky 3 year old called Rosie. She also enjoying travelling, I have recently returned from volunteering in Africa where I spent my time helping vaccinate dogs against rabies.
she’s looking forward to getting to know all the lovely clients and their pets.


Client Care Reception Team



Anne Saxon

Client Care Receptionist at Uppermill

Anne started work at the practice in 2014.

Her interests include keeping on top of the insurance forms and the smooth running of the Uppermill branch.

Anne’s spare time is spent swimming, drinking cocktails, socialising and seeing her two grandchildren.

She has two cats, Olive and the older gentleman Jasper.



Wendy Miller

Client Care Receptionist at Mossley

Wendy joined the practice in 2015.

Wendy’s spare time is spent mostly with her grandchildren, baking and reading when she catches a moment.

She has a mad Cocker Spaniel called Harley.



Clair Lee

Client Care Receptionist at Mossley

Claire joined the practice in 2016.

Claire’s own time is mainly spent reading books and caring for her animals.

She has a menagerie of animals at home, two dogs, two cats and five chickens and a Cockerel.



Gail McKeown

Client Care Receptionist at Mossley

Gail has now settled into her role as a receptionist.

She enjoys walking on the moors with the family’s five dogs and listening to live music



Jill McConnell

Receptionist at Uppermill

Jill is based at our Uppermill branch surgery  from time to time.

She is well-known by many of our clients, having been a part of the practice since it opened over ten years ago….and yes….is Ian’s mum!


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